Stocked With All Engine Parts to Provide Top Quality Services

At Eci Engines & Performance Machine Shop, we are stocked with all parts for your engines. From early to recent models of cars, we can help you find it all from our extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers. We are Ontario’s most reliable custom engine shop.

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Eci Engines & Performance Machine Shop

Engine Doctors

Heard about engine doctors? You will find the best at Eci Engines & Performance Machine Shop. We understand engines, inside-out. With our trained hands and experienced eyes, we will ensure that your engine gives you the best performance.

  • Cylinder head resurfacing
  • Cylinder head rebuilding
  • Blockwork
  • Cylinder boring & honing
  • Align honing
  • Crankshaft regrinding
  • Rod resizing
  • Engine balancing
  • Blueprinting
  • Custom engine building

Complete Engine Building

We are experts at both long and short blocks. We pride ourselves that we are Ontario's number one source for LS engine builds for rear-wheel-drive cars. Based on your requirements, we will build the custom engine of your dreams, no matter what it’s in. Let us shape your ideas into reality.

Eci Engines & Performance Machine Shop

Small Engines

Our auto engineers work on tuning small engines. We get the mechanics right to ensure peak performance every time you handle the machines.

  • Watercraft
  • Marine engines
  • Vintage Harley Davidson engines
  • Small industrial engines
  • Honda B series/K series
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Imports & Upgrades

We love your muscle cars, just like the way you do. Let us help you with all types of stock modifications and upgrades. We can import any unique performance boosters to make the engines function the way you want.

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